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a neurodivgerent artist


Throughout my life I have been obsessive in understanding the history of things. A simple question can devolve into an intensive study of the history of just about anything, allowing me to find the interrelatedness of everything. I thrive when I have the opportunity to connect the dots. In my mind, everything is connected and my job is to understand how and why. I’ve spent my career in advertising as a strategist, a fitting role for someone who is neurodivergent.
My desire for information and seeking patterns is insatiable and intrinsic to who I am. Creating art allows me to share the history of things I find beautiful and worthy of more attention. I see each of my series as a small visual history lesson, created in a way that stimulates and calms my obsessive mind.

A small collection of my art is available for purchase. I am not currently taking commissions.


The Mandate Press, Utah

Leanna Lins Wonderland, California