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Drawing Club

With quarantine officially underway I figured I would practice my drawing skills with friends and started a little drawing club prompt on IG.

This is my first real attempt at drawing something in a realistic style and y’all, I thought my head was going to implode. I started with the ear and it took me MORE THAN AN HOUR just for that piece. I’ve never spent so much time drawing a single thing in my entire life.

I use procreate on my iPad to do this and thank god for layers or it would have been a regrettable disaster. The iPad sometimes feels like cheating since mistakes aren’t permanent but it’s really the only way I can commit to trying something like this. I am so painfully impatient and get unreasonably frustrated when things go wrong. So it’s a start. I hope to eventually move to colored pencil, but this will do for now.

I’m pretty happy with him overall. There are plenty of problems, but given I have always struggled with drawing anything with dimension I feel like this isn’t too shabby.