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That’s a wrap! Sweet little Gonzo is finally done. He took a lot longer than the others, mostly because I kept stepping away. My head wasn’t entirely with me while I was working on this piece, so I tried to only work on it when I was able to get into flow.

I’m struggling with the curves on plastics. The highlights and shadows morph in ways that they didn’t do on the tin toys. The subtle imprints on the toy for his hair were hard but came together a bit easier than they did on Fozzie. My favorite on this one is the two small bubbles in his shoe. I love the imperfections in the items I draw, and this was one of those subtle spots that made the piece feel real to me.

My Animal toy just arrived from Canada and I still have Miss Piggy too. I’ll likely take a little breather before starting the next one. These feel super advanced for my novice experience and wear my brain out in a big way. Still happy to see them come together though. It’s fun to look back on my progress since those sphere studies in February!