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New Beginnings

Art by Rafael Araujo

I started my first online journal in 2005, which I diligently updated through 2013. It had a large following, earned me money, and afforded me the opportunity to write for a number of sites I was quite fond of.

Eventually, the age of the influencer arrived and the “scene” had changed. I didn’t really know what to make of it all. Looking back on my first post in 2005, perhaps I saw it coming all along:


alternative gods
simple practicalities

theories of relativity

subject • symbol • object

you are idealistic, detrimental, hypothetical, and ambiguously impractical.

In the 7 years that have passed, I have missed musing about random things for strangers on the internet. I attempted a newsletter to share all the things I had recently found, but the format was too planned and rigid. I’m impulsive by nature and quick to lose focus, so planning what to send and actually building it was too laborious.

So I’ve returned to where I started 15 years ago. I suppose some things never change.