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Popeye RollerSkating Tin Toy

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I’ve ventured from my animal tin toys into characters and think I may have lost my mind.

This one started out fine. I was focused on his head which by and large was pretty straightforward. Everything else felt so insanely hard every step of the way. His seams are really pronounced and his biceps are an odd shape. The reference photo was decent, but it was hard to make out parts at times.

And then there were his pants. I’ve never done fabric before and I’ll just put this out there: I never want to draw fabric again. His pants are still pretty laughable but it was the best I could do. I spent more time on the pants than the whole rest of the piece and at a certain point I had to let it go or I risked the whole thing turning to mud.

On the plus side, his shoes were fun! I’m not super psyched on this one and debated even posting it, but it’s all part of the process right? I’m hoping the few things I learned here will translate into my next piece.