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Stretching out

I recently discovered the hyperrealistic art of CJ Hendry and literally lost my goddamn mind. I was looking up how to draw balloons and came across this drawing of hers:


Y’all, I’ve tried my whole life to draw and have never been able to wrap my head around it. It’s probably why I’ve always stuck to mixed media arts. But to be honest, it’s also always made me feel like I’m not a legitimate artist. Not that we all have to draw realistically to be an “artist” but I feel like the basic foundations are good to know?

So I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of learning how to draw a realistic sphere. I spent every night for a week drawing one, and it slowly started to come together. I used a variety of online tutorials and was surprised how inconsistent everyone was in their instructions. I started too heavy, then I got shy and went way too light. Eventually, I found a good middle zone, although my shadow could still use a lot of work. I’m a lifetime away from drawing like CJ, but here’s to being a beginner.