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Tin Toy Exploration 1.1

Vintage tin rabbit illustration by Natalie Shahmiri

I’m still working on learning how to draw in a realistic style and decide to do a series on tin toys. I’ve always been smitten with their wild style and vibrant colors, plus their rusty little imperfections. I’m kind of a glutton for old vintage finds in general, so this feels like a good series to get some practice in.

I found this guy on etsy and thankfully the person who listed it was kind enough to let me work from her photo. I really struggled with the arm and getting it to turn the way it’s supposed to. I tried so many times and just couldn’t get it right. It’s obviously a lot more flat than it should be, but I’m starting to understand the highlights and shadows around things that are supposed to be dimensional. The key was super tricky too. Far from the “realism” I’m going for, but given that I’ve only done a few drawings thus far I think I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve reached out to a bunch of people with photos I’d like to draw from. Hopefully, some say yes and I can keep working on these!