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Tin Toy Exploration 1.3

Drawing of a vintage tin duck that is yellow with a blue shirt and a red hat

This little vintage tin toy duck is my fourth attempt at a contemporary realism piece since starting to draw in March and I think is a pretty good improvement from Mr. Rabbit.

His little red hat just kills me and I loved every minute of drawing him. He has really beautiful weathered edges where the lithograph print is just totally worn off. He was also photographed in bright light which created these amazing highlights that were a fun new thing to play with. I’ve started to learn to do my highlights at once versus in each colored section of the toy. It makes them much more fluid and lessens the number of colors I’m trying to match.

I’m really enjoying this series and expect that it’s one I’ll continue to add to for a long while. I still have a few more images lined up to draw including a Disney tin toy that gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

For anyone also at the start of their drawing journey like I am, this piece took over 32 hours to complete. I’m sure for someone advanced this could be done in a day, but it’s still taking me a long time to get my shapes right. The hat and head came together quickly, but the chest and shoulder area was really hard.